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About KOR

Of the hundreds of ceramic hair stylers available on the market, only a handful offer solid ceramic plates. Nearly all use metal plates coated in a thin layer of ceramic. 100% solid ceramic is the only material that provides the highest level of hair damage protection.

The KOR Ceramic Styler is 100% true, solid ceramic. It will never peel or chip to expose hair to damaging metal and it features the best possible heat distribution and retention. Solid ceramic plates also have 100 times more negative ions than ceramic-coated plates.

Why is that important for the health of your hair?

Damaged hair is positively charged – from static electricity, chemicals in styling products or use of metal-heated hair tools. The positive charge keeps hair follicles open, dried out and brittle. Negative ions neutralize the positive charge, closing hair follicles and smoothing the hair shaft. They actively condition the hair and add shine, while eliminating frizz and static.  The result is hair that is shinier, more nourished and healthier than before. That is why KOR heat is healthy heat.

  • 100% high-grade solid ceramic plates for damage-free styling
  • Quick recovery time for consistent temperature during styling
  • Far infrared technology heats the hair from the inside out, causing less surface damage
  • Nano silver technology  eliminates 99.9% bacteria and styling product build-up on the styler, keeping your hair clean and free of germs
  • Floating plates adjust to hair texture and thickness, gliding smoothly and eliminating tugging and snagging
  • Beveled edge plates designed for flawless straightening, flipping and curling.